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Our tax team is accredited by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec to transmit tax returns electronically (EFILE).

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Who We Are

Our team consists of accountants, tax specialists, and candidates in process to obtain CPA accreditation. 

New services are added over time and the company is offering its services much more online. In person services are provided in exceptional cases or if the taxpayer requests to meet with an agent.

  • The quality of our services and the hiring of qualified and well trained employees will ensure a bright future for our company!
  • Our mission is to help our clients pay less taxes and ensure that they receive all tax benefits they are entitled to.
  • Our vision is to provide the best stress free tax service to all for the cheapest price.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions.

We offer 3 different deposit methods.

Online Deposit:
Submit your taxes online. Ensure to submit all the tax slips. See reminder page for more details.

Email Submission:
Send your Client Questionnaire and tax documents to [email protected]. See reminder page for more details.

In Person Submission:
This option is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19. You can call to speak with an agent +1 (800) 984-7418.

  • Make sure you have all the required documents on hand, see our reminder.
  • Scan or take a picture of your tax receipts and slips.
  • Fill out our customer form
  • Send your tax receipts and slips by online filing, email, or fax. ( Due to COVID-19, we don’t receive documents in person) 
  • Upon receipt of your documents, an agent will contact you if necessary.
  • Your declaration is completed in less than 10 business days.
  • Following your payment and consent, your declarations are transmitted electronically (TED) to the governments.

It take three to seven business days to process and complete your declaration.

File transfers (photos, pdf and others) and our mailboxes are hosted on servers protected by 256-bit AES encryption. We use a level of security comparable to that used by major Canadian banks.

To host our emails, we use GSuite.

GSuite is hands down the best email solution on the market today. Some of the biggest companies in the world, such as HP, Verizon, Whirlpool, and Salesforce, trust it. 

As Google says,
They are leading with a “safety first” mindset.

•Encryption (TLS): G Suite provides encryption for e-mail in transit.

•Certifications, Audits and Reviews: G Suite is regularly subject to several
independent third-party audits.

More Questions?

    All personal information collected, used, disclosed or retained by Proficiency Tax is protected under THE PRIVACY ACT.

    For more information CLICK HERE.

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      David Johnston

      Ottawa, ON

      We did it on the spot and had a report ready in 30 minutes. Amazing work, thank you Lionel for your expertise and quick handling of my situation.

      Ashley Lee

      Ottawa, ON

      He knows what he is doing, and answers your queries very patiently. Highly recommend to any one who is looking to file tax returns.

      Mason Brown

      Ottawa, ON

      Simple, accommodating, knowledgeable and reliable. We’ve come back 3-years now. Very satisfied 🙂

      Albert Robert

      Ottawa, ON

      Great service! Lionel has been very patient with me and ensured that I received every dime I was entitled to! Much appreciated.

      Aaron Robertson

      Ottawa, ON

      Lionel was super helpful and efficient during tax season. I’ll be recommending him to my troops in Ottawa, Canada and overseas!

      Frank Robert

      Ottawa, ON

      So happy I chose to use Proficiency Tax to do my corporate and personal taxes. Lionel always provides topnotch service!