$69.95Simple individual declaration
  • Person living alone.
  • Single, widower, etc.
    *If 4 slips or less.
    *If more than 4 slips price will be $89.95

Single Parent

$89.95Single Parent Family Declaration
  • Parent with one or more dependent children.


$164.95Declaration of couple with children
  • Family with one or more dependent children.


$124.95Declaration Couple without children
  • Married couple.
  • Retired couple.
    *If 6 slips or less.
    *If more than 6 slips price will be $154.95


$139.95Self-employed worker declaration
  • Small business(Income below $30.000) .
  • Self-employed worker.
  • ** GST-QST declaration.

Rental Income

$64.99Income tax declaration
  • Rental income declaration.
  • Add $45.00 per building.


$44.99Full-time student declaration
  • Special student price full-time income below $13,000.

Employment Expense

$144.95Employee with employment expenses
  • Representative / seller.
  • TL2, TP64.3 Trucker.

HST, GST, QST Declaration for self employed or small business: Starting at $60 per declaration. Click Here.

T2 CO-17 corporate tax from $399.99 with financial statements. We also do financial statements as well. please contact us for more details.

** GST-HST (QST) Filing Service for Self-Employed/Small Business starting from $50.00 per quarter.


All our prices are valid offers online. If you wish to make an appointment, please note that our prices are subject to change.



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